Give your Child

Hope in the Future with Confidence through God-Centered, Testimony Building Curriculum

Our Mission

We teach youth, principle based education, so they will have hope and confidence in their future stations. We also teach families how to teach principled based education in their home so that they can help prepare their children to thrive inthis deteriorating world. 

Our Vision

We are 16 Stones Academy,

We are part of a focused group of Christian educators and families.

We don’t rely on public education and government to teach ourselves or our children, nor do we rely on the government for funding.

Instead, we rely on God’s inspiration and our dependence on Him through principle-based education. We accept God’s instruction to educate our children to understand the Doctrines of Christ.

We are self-reliant, and we teach our students to be self-reliant. We teach our students to be confident critical thinkers and to recognize indoctrination efforts not grounded in truth.

As educators, students, and parents, we strive to light each heart with God's truth. We are lighting our families with love and true education, so that each individual has the power to become the divine instrument that God is calling them to be.

We are seer's of light.

What parents are saying!

Paul G

Father and Business Owner

"My daughter enrolled in 16 Stones Academy this year and immediately fell in love with the school, the curriculum, and the teachers and staff.  Though she is an online student we have been able to travel to Utah so that she could participate in the beginning of the year activities, and later activities, and feel connected with the in-person students that she sees each class day online.  As parents, we love the curriculum and how God’s Plan is interwoven into the classes.  We are happy to finally not have to worry about social engineering indoctrination that occurs in public education, and substandard teaching plans that leave the students unprepared to function and thrive in the real world." 

Amy T.


"I have watched my 2 girls (12 and 10) grow so much over the past months. Having caring mentors and guided self-discovery has been so helpful in their personal development. Learning foundational gospel principles was important to me as a parent when choosing a school. I feel that 16 Stones has done a wonderful job of teaching gospel principles that have blessed my children and myself. The staff have been great to work with, they have maintained open dialogue concerning my children and their progress. We have had parent/teacher meetings regularly. We have enjoyed school activities and events that are well-planned and enriching."

We Are Different, Here's Why...

16 Stones Academy is a private family-focused school and an alternative choice to the current public education system. We offer academic, extracurricular, and life skill classes which include languages, finances, horses, etc. We are faith based with an emphases on values, manners, citizenship, and habits that will give students confidence in their future. 

What We Offer!

These Options are Combined and Happen Simultaneously


Introducing Student Connected...

Experience online schooling like never before. This is a new way of doing online learning. Instead of having a class just being broadcasted online, students will feel like they are  in the classroom, as they interact with the students and teachers from all over with video and mics. The have a voice in the classroom. 

Teachers are trained to interact with the online students just as much as the in-person ones. Student Connected doesn't just mean using technology, it's the standard in which we interact. For example, we have online TA's (teachers assistants) who monitor and help any online students who need a little extra attention. In addition, we have an audio and visual team dedicated to help keep everything connected and running smoothly. 

DEMO coming soon, May 2022.


Welcome to your School Home!

Come to 16 Stones Academy school house and discover a new way of learning. Inside 16 Stones, classrooms are made to feel cozy and comfortable. We are strong believers in home education and want to create an environment with the spirit. Our teachers and faculty members are dedicated to make our school house feel inviting, spiritual, and safe. We share a Gospel world view and believe in our Savior, Jesus Christ. In addition, we are completely transparent about what we teach our students. 

For the times you can't make it to school you can attend on-line.

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Live Monthly Webinars

Each month we will host a FREE LIVE WEBINAR with topics like: "Connect with Your Teenager" and "No more Hiding because you Feel Stupid" and "Curiosity in an Apathetic World."

(It is live and you can watch past webinars)