Prepare your Child's Future without Institutionalized academic requirements and state testing

Our Mission

We teach youth principle based education so that they can have confidence in their future without institutionalized academic requirements. We also teach Families how to teach principled based education in the home so that they can help prepare their child for to thrive inthe world. 

Our Vision

We are 16 Stones Academy,

We are part of an elite group of Christian educators and families.

We don’t rely on public education and government to teach ourselves or our children. Nor do we rely on the government for funding.

We are self-reliant, and we teach our kids to be self-reliant.  We teach our kids to be confident critical thinkers, and to recognize indoctrination efforts not grounded in truth.

Instead, we rely on God’s inspiration and our dependence on Him through principle-based education. We accept God’s instruction to educate our children to understand the Doctrines of Christ.

We are seers of light.

What parents are saying!

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We Are Different, Here's Why...

16 Stones Academy is a private family-focused school and an alternative school to the current public education system. We offer academic, extracurricular, and life skill classes which include languages, finances, horses, etc. Our school is faith based, emphasizing manners, values, citizenship, and habits that will give students confidence in their future. 

Online & In-person Options!

Both Options are Combined and Happen Simultaneously

Online Option

Introducing Student Connected...

Experience online schooling like never before. This is a new way of doing online learning. Instead of having a class just being broadcasted online, students will feel like they are actually in the physical classroom, as they interact with the in-person students and teachers. 

Teachers are trained to interact with the online students just as much as the in-person ones. Student Connected isn't just using technology, it's the protocol in which we interact with it. For example, we also have online TA's that are standing by to help any online student who needs a little extra attention. In addition, we have an audio and visual team dedicated to help keep things running smoothly, so you don't miss anything. 

DEMO coming soon, May 2022.

In-Person Option

Welcome to your School Home!

Come to 16 Stones Academy school house and discover a new way of learning. Inside 16 Stones, classrooms are made to feel like home. We are strong believers in home education and wanted to create an environment similar to home. Our teachers and faculty members are dedicated to make our school house feel inviting, spiritual, and safe. We share a Christian world view, it's why you can feel confident in your child's safety. In addition, we are completely transparent about what we teach our students, we don't believe in hiding what we teach but sharing it with the world. 

In-person students are welcome to join online when they are not able to attend in-person. 

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Connect with Your Teenager

Learn how to connect and bond with your teenager  in this FREE LIVE WEBINAR. No more dead end conversations with your child,  it's time to make a real connection. 

(No, it's not a recording, it's live.)