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Parent Resources

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Principle Based 

Christ Centered

 16 Stones Academy has the resources you and your child need to live a successful life.

We are a Christian school that invests in the educational success of students through a personalized curriculum based on principles. With our online classes and course materials, you can be assured your kids are receiving the best instruction possible.

We teach them how to discover principles so they can apply them to any circumstance in their life. We help students own the actual knowledge that the mission they are pursuing is in accordance with God's will. We want to help them know their divine mission and discover themselves. 

Furthermore, we don't believe in indoctrinating them with a world view inconsistent with Christian families. Instead, we help them listen to their own intuition and the spirit of God to decide for themselves what is right and wrong.

inside 16 Stones Academy...

Come to school and discover a whole new opportunity for you and your child's education. 

Private, yet affordable

We offer competitive prices, especially for our online connected students. In addition, we also offer payment plans and scholarships depending on your situation. 

Parent Resources

We offer a unique curriculum that not only teaches children, but also provides parents with tools to teach their children better at home. Our school is committed to helping your child excel and provides resources for homeschoolers too.

Options at Every Skill Level

Whether your child is 10 or 18, we have classes that suit their needs. We also offer tutoring services if you're looking for more one-on-one support.

Online courses and materials

Building a better future starts with education. 16 Stones Academy offers online courses, class materials, and mentoring services to help adults and children reach their potential.

Parent classes

It takes a village to raise a child. From parenting sessions for parents of teens to helping parents feel confident, 16 Stones Academy has everything you need to be the best parent possible.

Family Learning

Family day provides an opportunity every week for you and your children to have social and extra curricular activities. On this day we offer classes for every age group including preschool and babes in arms.

Welcome to 16 Stones Academy!

16 Stones Academy is a private family-focused school and an alternative school to the current public education system. We offer academic, extracurricular, and life skill classes which include principles of liberty, languages, finances, horses, etc. Our school is faith based, emphasizing manners, values, citizenship, and habits that will give them confidence in their future.

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If, for any reason, you don't like what we are doing here at 16 Stones Academy, you can get a prorated refund. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team, and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the school located?

We are located in Vernal, Utah. We are still looking for a new building for next semester. However, we offer an amazing online learning experience for our online students. 

What curriculum will you be using?

Curriculum is based off The Principle Effect developed by our director of education, Tresta Neil. This is a new way of learning. We teach correct principles and how to discover God in EVERY subject. We don't sprinkle with scripture, we use it as the foundation for all learning. God isn't just in every subject, he created every subject. This is why we teach every subject with Christ at the center. 

How Much is It?

We offer a variety of financial options for our parents. Every family is going to be billed differently based on how many kids are attending, if they need tutoring, or if they want to do school online or in-person. That being said, It's about $200-$400 per month per student. Schedule a discovery call to explore your options.

What Does the School Year Look Like?

Our school year goes from September to May, with a
Thanksgiving break, a 3-week Christmas break, and a 1-week spring break.  

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